Our 3-in-1 calculator helps to save time when you are looking at different products including lump sum roll-up, interest-only, and enhanced lifetime mortgages. The results from the calculator can be defined as the following:

1. Standard plan calculations document the maximum result that can be expected from roll-up schemes or voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages.
2. Enhanced plan calculations document the results from those products that take into account your lifestyle and your overall health. These products include a questionnaire to further document your lifestyle and any chronic illnesses you may have.
3. Interest only calculations document the release you could expect from interest-only lifetime mortgage products. These typically do not require any proof of income or regular monthly repayments.

It is important for you to know the maximum release likely available to you based on these potential products so that you can make decisions over your retirement. The calculator can show you what options might be available to you and what products will provide the features most relevant to your circumstance. The calculator also serves to conduct a number of different calculations all at once which can save you time when trying to find the best product. It also allows for an easier comparison between products.

To discover your eligibility for equity release, the products available to you, their rates for your criteria, and how much you can release with each, then use our smartER research tool.


Equity release is used by homeowners for a variety of different reasons. Releasing equity means that you can fulfill lifelong goals, pay off debt, or build up a savings account to be prepared for any unforeseen expenses during retirement. Regardless of the reasoning, equity release products can function as useful retirement planning tools.

The maximum amount of equity available to you is an individualized number that can be determined through the use of an equity release calculator. Once the maximum amount available to you is known, you can start researching products that might suit your needs. We have a lifetime mortgage calculator available for use that can offer you a list of results.

Every homeowner has a different maximum amount available to them, as the calculation is individualized for each homeowner’s personal situation. Your age, health records, outstanding mortgage debt, and the value of your home will all be taken into account when determining the maximum amount available to you. In general, you must be at least 55 years old to qualify for an equity release scheme and you must have a property valuation of at least £70,000. Health records can also be used to see if you qualify for any enhanced products, which may allow for a larger equity release or for a lower interest rate. These enhanced products are typically available to those homeowners who have a chronic health condition or who lead a very unhealthy lifestyle overall. To determine eligibility for an enhanced product, you are likely to be asked a series of questions related to your health and lifestyle.